Wine list

The right wine for any occasion

Red wines

Red Spring 2018

A smooth, medium-bodied, dry red wine with a deep red color that pairs nicely with cheeses, meats, and roasted dishes.

Anemonas 2018

A velvety, semi-sweet red wine with a full flavor of ripe plums and berries.  Pairs wonderfully with pasta dishes, cheeses and meats.

Elena 2018

A full-bodied sweet red wine with the flavor of sun-drenched raisins and hints of oak.  Pairs perfectly with desserts, cheese and poultry dishes.

Axlada Red  2020

A semi-sweet red wine

Axlada Dry 2020

A dry red wine

White wines

White Spring 2018

A crisp, full dry white wine with hints of yellow fruits.  Perfectly paired with fish, seafood, poultry, and desserts.

Axlada white 2020

A dry white wine

Golden 2020

A sweet white wine

Axlada Organic 2021

A dry white wine

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